Original cincher back and posture support – exclusively designed to fit women

Product Introduction

Sorry guys, this product is exclusively designed to fit women.

The Cincher Back Support provides spinal alignment through compression to the women’s abdomen and lower back regions.

The Cincher Back Support comes in tan, black or white, and is composed of highly adjustable shoulder straps and front closures, flexible spiral stays and triple side pulls.

The Cincher Back Support is completely constructed with high-density Power Mesh with hourglass shaping, wide elastic triple side pulls and vertical support elements to add compression to those areas of the female form that are most sensitive to stress and damage in the lower back region.

The support brace is totally machine washable and was designed to be worn either on top of or under clothing. It also stays in place during use no matter the body type.

The Cincher effectively reduces lumbar lordosis and evenly distributes weight-bearing load in the lumbar spine. It stabilizes the lumbar vertebrae during axial load, helping in preventing hyperextension and easing the strain on low back muscles.


  • Increase abdominal compression
  • Reinforce lumbar/sacral region
  • Decrease anti-inflammatory medications
  • Decrease pain symptoms
  • To provide low profile support
  • To give more flexible lumbar/sacral support 


Living Actively (FLA) Orthopedics manufactures a wide range of braces and supports for the body and is widely known to deliver quality products at affordable price tags.

In addition to the Original Cincher posture support, the company also manufactures and sells the Pro-Lite Deluxe. 

Product Description

The Cincher provides support, shape, and control of the lower back, and in order to maximize comfort and support, wear the Cincher 20-30 minutes at the beginning of usage to let the body adjust to the new posture changes.

As for design, the Cincher has many points of adjustment which enables you to achieve a custom fit that provides you with just the right amount of support while remaining comfortable.

At the lower front, 2 large pads wrap around the waist and attach to each other using a hook and loop or a velcro system.

Two lighter pulls can provide additional support when needed and can be easily adjusted while still wearing the support by simply pulling back on the strap to detach it and then changing its position.

This feature plays an important role when alternating between the sitting and standing position or after meals.

Each shoulder of the Cincher also has a slider buckle which allows for shortening or lengthening of the shoulder straps while still putting on the support.

These straps can be equally adjusted to help hold the shoulders back and into proper position.

Overall, the Cincher support device appears to be durable and well made. It can last for several months or longer if properly cared for and used as directed.


  • Original cincher back and posture support Chronic Back Pain
  • Chronic Lumbar Instability
  • Herniated Lumbar Disc
  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Spondylosis
  • Stenosis
  • Post-Operative Rehabilitation (Flat Back)


To maximize comfort and support, wear the Cincher 20-30 minutes, in the beginning, to let your body adjust to the new posture changes. The following steps apply:

  • Release all hook and loop-style closures.
  • Slip the Cincher over the shoulders, and just as you would put on a vest, pull the arms through.
  • Overlap the right panel over the left panel snugly and comfortably, securing the fit at the center.
  • Grasping the lower end of the Cincher, pull down firmly in the front. It should fit around 4-5″ below the body’s natural waistline.
  • Grasping the bottom of the Cincher, pull down firmly on the back. Make sure the support on your lower back is strongly felt.
  • Adjust the shoulder straps on each side – shortening or lengthening as necessitated, for proper fit, without adding pressure on the shoulders.
  • On centering the elastic support bands on each side of the Cincher brace, secure them in a snug and comfortable position on the center of the front loop panels.
  • Loosen for tight control and tighten for maximum control.
  • The belt should be worn tightly around the lower back and upper hip region. 

Important Information

The patented Cincher is made exclusively for the female form, with added support to the lower back where women usually put the most stress on a regular basis.

The Cincher emphasizes spinal alignment through compression to the abdomen and lower back, and it features adjustable shoulder straps, adjustable front closures, and flexible spiral stays.

A word of caution when ordering the cincher, be sure to carefully choose your size as some retailers do not offer a refund due to the nature of this product.

Some people consider returned undergarments as a sanitary issue, so make sure to check the seller’s return policy prior to making your purchase.


The cincher is available in several different sizes ranging from x-small to xxx-large.

There is a size for just about everyone ranging from a dress size of 4-26 inches and a hip size of 26 – 54 inches.

Unless you are extremely small or overly chubby, FLA should carry a size that fits you.

Measure around the upper hip and by dress size.

Pricing and Colors

The Cincher is available in three different colors of tan, black, and white. Color availability greatly depends on the size that one is choosing.

Features and Benefits

  • Engineered to fit women’s bodies
  • Emphasizes spinal alignment through compression to the abdomen/lower back
  • Adjustable shoulder straps accommodate different upper body lengths
  • Totally machine washable
  • Designed to be worn either on top of or under clothing
  • Easy to fit and adjust to individual body types
  • Stays in place during use
  • The Cincher evenly distributes weight-bearing load in the lumbar spine
  • Stabilizes lumbar vertebrae during axial load, preventing hyperextension and easing the strain on low back muscles
  • Effectively reduces lumbar lordosis
  • Available in Black, Tan or White


If you are a woman in search of lower back support and a waist slimmer, the cincher may be an excellent choice, but if you are purchasing it exclusively for correcting poor posture, there are other options that are available in the same price range, and appear better.

Correcting poor posture starts with becoming more aware and conscious of how you sit or stand. In fact, it is perhaps the most important aspect when it comes to retraining and regaining good posture.

Above all, correcting poor posture takes persistence and dedication. Make a plan to battle your poor posture and make an effort to stay on top of it and great results will follow.

In addition to becoming more conscious of your posture at all times and using a support device, you should also engage in carrying out a few exercises that are specifically designed to strengthen weak posture muscles.

There are free instructional videos that can be found on Youtube which can assist with this. Also, ensure to choose a device that allows some degree of flexibility, because the one that is too rigid will prevent you from moving freely and may even cut off blood circulation under your arms.


Posture braces and supports can assist with retraining your posture but should not be used exclusively.

They should normally be used for a few hours each day, and that will help you relearn proper posture. But when used for longer periods of time, you can actually weaken the postural muscles.

The Cincher appears to be a popular choice among the womenfolk on eCommerce websites such as Amazon, but most who bought this product seems to use it as a lower back support and shaping tool.

While the device description mention using the cincher to help correct posture, the effectiveness of the support seems to be in the waist area and not necessarily the shoulders and neck.


Original cincher

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