Pro-lite deluxe clavicle support by Fla


With today’s modern western lifestyle involving very little physical activity and sitting still most of the day, it is believed that a lot of us use head forward posture, causing excessive stress to the neck and shoulders.

Product Introduction

The Prolite Deluxe helps to correct the common issue of poor posture, with the ultimate goal of relieving the excessive strain of poor postural habit and forming better posture habits.

Prolite Clavicle Support Deluxe is also an ideal clavicle brace for broken collarbone recovery. With soft, breathable padding, this support brace gently pulls the shoulders back in order to smoothly align clavicle fractures.

A ring design greatly reduces the amount of pressure placed on the spine and distributes weight evenly, reducing discomfort to the body.


  • Clavicle Fractures
  • Sprains
  • Minor Shoulder instability
  • Post-operative use
  • Fibromyalgia

Prolite Clavicle Support Deluxe Features and Benefits

  • Backpack design and construction pulls the shoulders back to provide postural support and align clavicle fracture.
  • Extra soft and breathable padding that wicks moisture away for increased comfort
  • Quick, easy application
  • Gives good Support
  • Strong and durable straps that ensure stability
  • Flat ring construction technique reduces pressure on the spine
  • A gentle and effective method for treating collarbone fractures. Broken collarbone recovery is painful enough and this soft, breathable support brace helps to alleviate some of the pain associated with fractured collarbones by providing the optimal amount of sturdy, patient-sensitive support
  • High-quality clavicle brace that last and is ideal for sprains, shoulder instability, and fibromyalgia
  • .
  • Latex Free
  • Available in five sizes.


The Prolite Clavicle Support Deluxe is actually manufactured by BSN medical and sold by FLA.

Product Description

Pro-lite deluxe clavicle support by FlaThe design of the Prolite is nothing innovative but is actually quite basic. Located at the center of the brace is a large hard plastic ring that serves as an attachment point for the shoulder straps.

Two padded shoulder straps attach at the top of the ring and wrap over the top of each shoulder, before joining the ring at the center of the back again.

The shoulder strap incorporates a velcro adjustment each, which attaches to the shoulder strapping material, and allows for adjustment. The most notable feature of this support is in its rigid design.

The Prolite seems to be made incredibly well in terms of quality, considering its low price, and another notable feature is the padded design of the clavicle support.

While the rigid design and its thick material may cause excessive sweating, especially in warmer climates, the padded material will quickly absorb and wick away moisture.

Material Content includes Polyurethane, Polyamide, and Polyester (LATEX FREE).

  • Polyurethane: a plastic material that can be tailored to be either rigid or flexible.
  • Polyamide: a type of synthetic fabric that contains sweat-wicking and water-repelling properties, making it an ideal material for outerwear and sports clothing.
  • Polyester: Polyester fabrics provide specific advantages such as improved wrinkle resistance, durability and high color retention over natural fabrics

 Important Information

The ProLite posture braces are inexpensive and can be effective if you were to stick with using one. It is basic and affordable although there are concerns when it comes to it causing numbness in the arms.

However, in recent years several new postures improving products have entered the market and have drawn a lot of attention, among which are the posture t-shirts and electronic posture trainers.

Posture shirts such as the Alignmed Posture Shirt have revolutionized the way that we correct poor posture because instead of a rigid support brace, these shirts are made from a spandex type material and have elastic bands that help to activate muscle cells and movement and correct poor posture.

Such shirts have been clinically proven to improve posture and do not restrict movement as traditional supports do. They are worn like a t-shirt and are generally machine dry cleanable. One downside is that they are usually a bit more expensive than a standard clavicle brace.


FLA Orthopedics offers the ProLite posture braces clavicle support in the color navy blue only and does not currently sell it in white or any other color.


The ProLite posture braces come in five different sizes ranging from x-small to x-large.

The company, FLA recommends purchasing the next size up if your measurements fall on the upper end of the provided dimensions because they tend to run a bit on the smaller side and snugs.

The following are the sizes range and should give you an idea of what size to purchase.

  • 75″- 25.5″ X-Small
  • 5″- 31.5″ Small
  • 5″- 37.38″ Medium
  • 37″ – 42.25″ Large
  • 25″ – 49.25″ X-large

Do not forget to measure the circumference around your chest and under the armpits.

Pro-lite deluxe clavicle support


One of the more appealing features of ProLite is its price.

FLA does not market this product directly to the consumers, but instead, they rely on a number of retailers in both brick and mortar locations as well as online.

Pros and Cons


  • Padded straps, thus, comfortable
  • Simple and effective
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Durable
  • Available in 5 sizes
  • Can be concealed under dark, loose-fitting clothing



  • May cut off blood circulation underarms
  • Difficult to be concealed under tight-fitting or light-colored clothing


Generally, it is very important to incorporate exercises into your weekly routine, since poor posture is usually caused by the habit of sitting and standing improperly for many years.

Correcting it then will require you becoming more aware of your posture by using a support or training device, and strengthening muscles that have become weakened over the years as well.


Figure-8 supports such as the ProLite have been around for decades and are quite inexpensive, effective, and have helped people of all ages achieve better posture.

They work by providing support to the shoulders, keeping them back and prevents head forward posture.

Generally, such supports should be used as a coaching tool and not necessarily worn all day long over a long period of time, and as a result of that, specialists and physicians recommend wearing a clavicle brace for about an hour each day which will help you relearn what good posture should feel like.

Over time, with commitment, your posture will slowly return to normal, and this will benefit your health in several ways.


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