SheerPosture – a unisex posture support device that can be worn underneath or on top of clothing


The SheerPosture is a posture brace that can accommodate most body types because of its adjustable nature.

It is a unisex posture support device that can be worn either discretely underneath or on top of clothing.

It provides direct support, helping to prevent shoulder slouch and neck forward posture dysfunction. It provides enough amount of shoulder support and helps to retrain and realign one’s posture.

The SheerPosture will help you to restore your posture while relieving your neck, shoulder, and back pains that is caused by poor posture.

The SheerPosture is made from a strong, but lightweight material that is double stitched together. The entire brace weighs around 9.31 ounces on a scale.

The attachment points where the main body meets the adjustable arm straps have been reinforced. Each arm strap, which comes with a removable arm pit cushion to relieve tension and chafing has a metal slide buckle that moves along a canvas strap, which allows one to lengthen or shorten the strap to fit one’s body and provide shoulder support.

Features of the Sheerposture:

  • Comfort: the sheerposture has a removable underarm cushion to prevent stiffness and irritation and assure maximum comfort
  • It is Ideal for a stomach size range of 29 inches to 40 inches
  • It has a Velcro belt for effortless fastening around the front and stomach.
  • It is easy-to-move with a lightweight designed brace weighing only 9.31 ounces or thereabout.
  • The sheerposture possess a Small-sized, elastic control for positioning the brace appropriately and to add extra support to the mid-back.
  • It has 2 stretchy reinforcement bands upright in the rear center to provide central support.
  • The support device is Sturdy and durable with double stitching and metal buckle.
  • Affordably priced.
  • Easily accepted returns without any questions asked and easily readable instructions provided to ensure long-lasting usage and high-quality performance.

Benefits of the Sheerposture brace

  • SheerPosture reviewProvides instant support and restores posture
  • Corrects Poor Posture By Providing Instant Support in Target Areas
  • One-Size-Fits-Most Unisex Design.
  • Prevents shoulder slouch and neck forward posture
  • Strong Tear Resistant Neoprene Body with Reinforced Seams that Will Not Rip or Fall Apart.
  • Crafted Using The Highest Quality Materials Available for Unmatched Durability and Performance
  • Bonus Soft Removable Armpit Comfort Pads Included to Prevent Discomfort Under Arms
  • Unmatched 90-Day Guarantee
  • Free Domestic Standard Shipping

Directions for use

Putting on the SheerPosture

  1. Remove support device from its packaging, lay it out, and ensure that all velcro straps are unfastened.
  2. Slide the metal buckle to fully extend the arm strap.
  3. Like a backpack, but the support on by feeding one arm through each arm strap. Put it on with the label facing towards you on the inside so that it’s not visible when worn.
  4. Slowly pull down on the belt ends to fully extend the back of the device.
  5. Secure the belly belt just above the navel by fastening the velcro ends together.
  6. Wrap the pull straps provide additional support around the stomach and fasten each side equally to the velcro belt.
  7. Have someone assist you to make adjustments to the metal slide buckle. Consult the directions for use for more details on this.
  8. Insert the armpit pads, fasten the velcro ends together, and slide to the desired position.

Removing the SheerPosture

  1. Loose the two pull straps and then unfasten the belt.
  2. Reach behind your head, crossing your arms in the process, and use your thumbs to grab each arm strap.
  3. Then Lift straight up overhead to remove.

Note that the manufacturer suggests wearing this support on top of an undershirt for maximum comfort.


The sheer posture brace will provide you with superior support, flexibility and comfort as you’ll be ending up with a strong, sturdy posture.

You’ll receive definitive support with SheerPosture no matter your body size. It is uniquely designed to adapt to almost all sizes of any gender. This is made easy by the metal easy-to-slide buckle that can easily extend or condense the size according to your physique.

The buckle can smoothly move against the canvas strap in the background, making for an easy adjustment that will allow you to intensify or lessen the intensity of support provided by the brace.

On a final note, it is super simple to put on the sheerposture brace and to take it off. Directions for use have already been mentioned above. All you need to do in taking the brace off is to loosen all the adjustments and take it off like one usually does with a hoodie.



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