SPIDERMED II BY Med Patent – the only audio posture trainer that helps correct bad posture


SpiderMed II is an audio posture trainer that helps correct bad posture. It helps in the prevention and elimination of slouching, protruding abdomen and shoulder asymmetry, which is usually caused by carrying heavyweights, like backpacks or bags on one shoulder.

SpiderMed II is intended for use by children, adolescents, and adults, and enables simultaneous correction of 3 types of postural issues.

SpiderMed can be used to suit individual needs without sacrificing or engaging in a strenuous exercise routine.

SpiderMed II can be worn like 3 times a day for about 15 minutes only, while engaged in home chores like walking, watching TV, working on the computer, etc.

Important to note is that Spidermed II is not a posture brace and provides absolutely no support for your shoulders and back.

It actually retrains your posture for long-lasting results without making you become dependent on wearing a brace on a regular basis.

Med Patent – a rehabilitation and orthopedic firm

SPIDERMED II BY Med PatentThe Spidermed II is made by Med Patent, a rehabilitation and orthopedic firm that is based in Poland.

According to information on their website, Med Patent has been making products that enable people to live an easier and more convenient life, for more than 25 years.

Aside from the Spidermed II, the company also produces the Spidermed I which resembles the Spidermed II, but primarily focused on correcting shoulder slump.

Benefits & Features of the SpiderMed II

  • Easy to put on and use with no cleaning required
  • Helps prevents and correct poor posture
  • Helps correct shoulder slouching
  • Helps correct protruding abdomen
  • Improves shoulder asymmetry
  • Gives results in as little use as 30 minutes per day
  • It does not support, but a training device

How it works

The SpiderMed II when worn over your shoulders like the straps of a backpack, and around your waist helps re-program your postural habits by using sound to stimulate the appropriate muscle groups that help correct poor posture, protruding abdomen region, and shoulder asymmetry.

You must first make a few adjustments before you are able to use the Spidermed so that it can function properly.

Failure to adjust properly will result in the alarm not activating as your posture begins to fail or worsen, or an alarm that incorrectly activates even while using good posture.

Use the following steps to make the initial adjustments prior to wearing, preferably, with the help of a partner.

Initial fitting

  1. Lose the adjustment slide on each shoulder strap and put an arm through each of the strap so that it forms an 8 kind of figure on your back.
  2. Ensure that the straps lay flat and are not twisted.
  3. Loosen up the waist strap so that it fits around your midsection.
  4. Fasten the male end of the strap into the female end.
  5. Straighten your posture: shoulders back, abs tight, and back straight.
  6. Have a partner slide the adjustment buckles on both the shoulder straps and waist belt until it snugs tightly, but not too tight.
  7. Most importantly, fine-tune the straps so that the slightest shoulder, back or stomach movement triggers the alarm.

The key is to adjust so that the alarm doesn’t sound while using good posture, but will activate whenever you begin to change posture to a poor one. Once these initial fitting steps have been completed, you can be able to use this device without the help of a partner.

When and How You Should Use This Device

According to the manufacturers of the spidermed II, the product should be used for around 15 minutes and above, 3 times per day. They also suggested that it can be used for longer periods of time and more regularly if one would like to achieve faster results.

However, it is only appropriate to use it when performing activities that involve restricted or little movement. For example, it can be used while seated behind a desk, working on a computer, watching television or any such activity that doesn’t involve vigorous movement.

The movement of your body will cause the alarm to sound constantly if you are involved in rigorous movements, even if you are using good posture.

With the device on and in the seated position, engage in your activity as you normally would.

Any attempt to slouch forward or allow your abdominal muscles to relax and your stomach to protrude will sound the alarm of the device.

When this occurs, simply go back to the good posture position and the alarm will turn off.

The idea of the Spidermed II is to constantly monitor your posture in real-time and take immediate corrective action when you begin to deviate from using good posture.

By so doing, you are strengthening your postural muscles and retraining them simultaneously.

Available sizes

Two different sizes are available, regular and large. The regular size is for those with a waist that is between 23″ to 33″ (60cm to 85cm) while the large is for those with a waist from 33″ up to 43″ (85cm to 110cm).

There doesn’t appear to be a product that is available for those with a waist larger than 43″.


  • Created by rehabilitation specialists
  • National Institute of Public Health (NIPH) recommended
  • Natural in service since it serves as a reminder, not a support
  • Helps to strengthen and retrain posture muscles
  • Provides long-lasting results
  • It is relatively inexpensive, selling at $40-$50 (USD)
  • Effective and works just as advertised.


  • Sound is muffled if you place your back against the backrest.


The Spidermed is a unique product that was created by a rehabilitation specialist and recommended by the National Institute of Public Health.

It’s surprisingly efficient and serves as an immediate reminder when your posture begins to dysfunction.

The nature of this device made it such that, you are actually strengthening your muscles instead of relying on support to hold your body upright.

The first couple of weeks might make you feel sore from using muscles that are usually not used, but this soreness will steadily go away with time, leaving you with the habit of using and maintaining good posture.

Keep in mind that it’s going to take work and you may be uncomfortable for some days as your body becomes accustomed to sitting up straight, but with dedication, willingness and using the device as instructed, you will benefit a lot from using this device.



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