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How to get your back posture corrected

get your back posture corrected

Years of slouching (standing, walking or sitting in a drooping way) and being sedentary can lead to one’s muscles becoming shortened and stiff. This is critical because opposing muscles in the body are always playing a tug-of-war. When both sides are in balance, posture is good. When one side starts pulling more, posture shifts in […]

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Standing desk trend and how it helps your health

standing desk

Overview The health problems and risks posed by prolonged sitting are making it frowned upon, just as smoking is being frowned upon. A growing number of research bodies have suggested that too much sitting increases the risk of developing diseases including heart disease and type 2 diabetes. It can even lead to premature death. The bad thing […]

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Iposture Posture Monitor – All you should know today

Iposture Posture Monitor

Introduction Posture correction and exercises can be more effective in the prevention and treatment of back pain than other medical modalities. People who enjoy good posture are generally happier and more confident. Likewise, women with good posture are less prone to osteoporosis fractures and men with good posture are twice as likely to keep their […]

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