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Posture correction and exercises can be more effective in the prevention and treatment of back pain than other medical modalities.

People who enjoy good posture are generally happier and more confident. Likewise, women with good posture are less prone to osteoporosis fractures and men with good posture are twice as likely to keep their balance and function as they age in years.

Product Introduction

The iPosture posture monitor is a button-sized device that is designed to help you correct your posture by yourself. It vibrates every time you slouch or assume a bad posture position.


Dr. Moacir Schnapp and Dr. Elma Schnapp, a husband, and wife developed the Iposture and brought it to market in 2008. Their aim was to help out their patients who suffer from postural dysfunctions.

Dr. Moacir Schnapp runs the Mays & Schnapp, a pain clinic and rehabilitation center in east Memphis Tennessee while his wife, Dr. Elma Schnapp is also a physician who specializes in physical rehabilitation of patients.

On the overall, the mass media seems to have a fairly positive picture of the Iposture with glowing reviews as it has captured the attention of several television shows and publications including Shape Magazine, Oprah’s O” magazine, and NBC’s  Doctors Show.

Product Description

The iPosture posture monitor comes in a blister pack along with two spare 3-volt Lithium batteries, a Quickstart Guide, two sheets of double-sided adhesive stickers, a red velveteen carrying case, and a copy of Young, Sexy and Healthy.

The monitor device itself is about a 1-inch diameter of white plastic with a pressure sensitive front, it comes loaded with a battery, and is fitted with a wire clip for fastening.

The iPosture can be worn clipped onto the clothing or a necklace through the wire clip, or adhered directly to the body using the included stickers.

Also, those who wear bras have an advantage, because the iPosture feels most comfortable and secure clipped to a strap. Regardless of where you choose to clip it, they seem to allow the device to function about the same.

How the device works

The secret of the iPosture is Wearable Intelligent Nano-Sensor or WINS, a microchip that monitors stance several times every second.

The iPosture is worn close to the skin of the chest and warns the user when detecting any deviation greater than just three degrees from the chosen posture that lasts longer than one minute. Specialized software filters body movements, allowing the iPosture to adapt to a variety of activities and body types.

A single button controls the iPosture functions, making the operation of the device easy. In using the device, simply put on the device and hold a good, comfortable posture that you wish to maintain.

Then click the central button. The iPosture then vibrates once, acknowledging that proper posture has been set. It can adapt to each person’s unique body type and can be reset at any time to allow you fine-tune your best personal stance, whether moving from a sitting to a standing position.

You can also pause the iPosture by pressing and holding the button for three seconds, or laying it down on the table to turn it off.

Battery life

This iPosture device makes use of a large button style battery (model number CR2032) which could last up to three weeks, depending on use.

It follows that the more often you slouch or deviate from the set posture position, the more often you activate the vibrating alert, and the faster the battery will drain.

The battery may drain faster for beginners, but as time goes on and posture improves, the alert should activate less often and the life of the battery should be considerably longer.

The company provides a tool that can be used to remove the battery cover, making battery replacement easier.

Important Information

The iPosture is powered by a microchip that monitors postural stance several times every second. It alerts the user by detecting any deviation greater than just three degrees from the chosen posture that lasts longer than one minute.

This delay function of one minute means that it doesn’t buzz every time the wearer bends over or moves, it actually waits for you to maintain that posture for over a minute.

The software in the device filters movements as false or true, allowing the iPosture to adapt to a variety of activities and body types. 

The manufacturer of the iPosture suggests wearing and putting the device to use for at least four hours per day, for the first one to two weeks which should train you to become accustomed to using good posture for the majority of each day. Thereafter, you can use the device every two to three days to maintain the culture of good posture.


The Iposture currently sells for $74.95 including processing and handling charges. This is comparatively priced to a similar product, the Lumo Lift. The Iposture appears to be competitively priced with the other electronic posture coaches that are available.

Pros and Cons


  • The iPosture gives real time feedback about your posture in an unobtrusive manner.
  • It is simple to use and
  • Will sure nag you back to a better posture.



  • The competition has moved on and the iPosture stand the risk of been left behind.
  • No goal setting is possible.
  • The battery needs replacement from time to time.
  • It relies on the user resetting and recalibrating it whenever they change their stance.


So, it turns out that despite being absolutely ridiculous, the device pretty much works as advertised because it definitely gets you thinking consciously about your body and posture, which can’t be a bad thing.

However, it can annoy you into sitting up straight and keeping up with correct postures, though it must be noted that you have to actually know the correct postural positions in order to set the device properly.

Perhaps the greatest weakness of the iPosture device is the fact that the batteries must be replaced frequently, as in about every 3 weeks, and two packs of these batteries retail for around $4.50, or $2.25 each.

Thus, if you were to replace the battery every 3 weeks, then you will go through 17 batteries per year at a cost of $2.25.

This equates to a whopping $38.00 annually. But since it is believed that the device should make you more aware of your posture, it then follows that usage will greatly reduce with time as you become more aware of your posture, and you wouldn’t have to be buying batteries every 3 weeks.


Iposture Posture Monitor

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