Posture CorreX T106 by Xback – corrects postural deficits and acute or longstanding disorders


Correct posture is essential for proper joint, nerve and muscle health, whereas, poor and forward head posture is the primary cause of neck, shoulder, and spine-related aches.

The Posture Correx is a Lumbar-Sacral Orthosis (LSO) brace that incorporated a unique, easy-to-adjust strapping system in order to correct postural deficits and acute or longstanding disorders of the lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine as well as the shoulder girdle.

The XBack Posture CorreX correct postural deficits and acute by pulling the wearer into proper extension, offering an effective way to train the wearer into the correct posture and fix the pain and problems associated with poor posture.

This support brace was designed by a Sports Medicine physician and a physical therapist who was frustrated at not having effective options for patients with postural deficits and problems.

The Posture CorreX can aid in the treatment of various disorders such as:

  • Neck Pain
  • Cervical or Tension Headaches
  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Shoulder Blade Winging
  • Rounded Shoulders
  • Stooped Posture
  • Postural Imbalance and Deficits
  • Forward Head Posture
  • Poor Body Mechanics
  • Scapular Dysfunction
  • Trigger Points
  • Shoulder Girdle Pain
  • Myofascial Neck Pain
  • Kyphosis
  • Radiculopathy
  • Osteoarthritis / Arthritis
  • Mild Scoliosis
  • Rotator Cuff Disease
  • Tingling / Numbness in Upper Extremities
  • Kyphosis Pain from Prolonged Standing or Sitting
  • Upper, Mid, and Lower Back Pain

About The Device

The Posture CorreX by Xback is a support device that treats a number of different ailments including shoulder, neck, and back pain.

The brace is considered a Lumbar-Sacral Orthosis (LSO) because it covers the five lower seconds of the spine, L1-L5 while utilizing a strapping system that works to pull the shoulders down and back into proper position.

Weighing only 14 oz and made from a breathable material that wicks away moisture, the CorreX is lightweight and comfortable to wear even during warm weather conditions. The rigid posterior panel gives stability to the back and provides firm support.

The Inventor

Information found on the Xback website suggests that the Posture CorreX was designed by individuals with a background as a physical therapist and a sports medicine physician.

They became frustrated due to the lack of well-designed products for the lower back and posture and were thus motivated to craft one. The company’s website, however, had no further information on exactly who these individuals are.

Meanwhile, further investigation revealed the designers to be Dr. Paul J. Marr who specializes in sports medicine, along with his wife Catherine who is believed to be the physical therapist that had been mentioned on the company’s website. Information made available to the public though showed that a man named Steven Lusky owns and operates Xback.

Product Design

The Posture Correx employs what is called proprioceptive action to help retrain your posture. This simply means that the device helps to train your brain to recognize good posture.

Because it is a dynamic brace and not a static one, it allows the movement of the shoulder and body. It uses a series of adjustable straps that are attached to the posterior panel. These straps provide a backward and downward force to help keep your shoulders correctly positioned.

The Posture Correx is simply designed, and unlike similar braces, when the shoulder straps do pass under the arm, they do not grab up underneath it, but attaches to the main posterior panel, traveling up over the shoulder, diagonally across the back, and then wrapping around, ultimately attaching at the front.


You can purchase the Posture Correx outrightly from the company. It can be ordered directly from the Xback website or from Amazon and shipped to your doorstep.

An alternative approach to paying full price for this product is to have your medical insurance pay for it. Here’s how:

Insurance option

Fortunately, the Posture Correx is covered by most insurance companies, unlike numerous others that are not covered.

Using the Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) code #L0627, and the guidance of your doctor, you can pick up this brace at a discounted price or free as some cases may be. Since insurance companies vary, it is best to call your insurance company and speak with a representative about the coverage of Lumbar orthosis.

Key Benefits of The Posture Correx

The main benefit derived from this product is improved posture with a decrease in neck, shoulder and back pains.

  • Improved posture denotes less physical pain and improved physical performance resulting in an improved lifestyle and appearance.
  • Easy to put on, comfortable to wear and constructed with breathable moisture-wicking materials.
  • Weighs only 14 ounces.
  • An effective way to train an individual into the correct posture and to correct postural defects of the lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine.
  • Eliminates the resulting pain and problems associated with poor posture.


  • Individuals suffering from neck, shoulder or low and mid back pain.
  • Anyone wanting to address nerve-related pain, cervical or tension headache, myofascial neck pain, kyphosis / muscular pain from prolonged standing or sitting, arthritis and osteoarthritis pain, mechanical back pain, Degenerative Disc Disease.
  • Overhead athletes
  • weekend athletes
  • individuals who sit or drive for a living
  • Individuals who work standing up and individuals with head forward posturing resulting in neck and shoulder pain as well as neuromuscular conditions such as Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Scoliosis, etc.

Usage and duration

As with any other posture support, long term use is not recommended, and as such, the manufacturer suggests using this product 1-2 hours per day for 6-7 weeks at a time in order to train your posture. You should however first consult with your doctor to determine your best course of action and duration in order to meet your individual needs.

Putting the support brace on involves a rather simple process:

  1. Unpack and unfasten the Velcro straps
  2. Place the brace around your back, wrap around and fasten together at the front. Ensure that the tag is facing up and that the brace is firm but not too tight around your abdomen.
  • Take one of the shoulder straps and adjust the shoulder pad so that it rests somewhere in front of the shoulder area.
  1. Pass the strap which should be running vertically at this point, over your shoulder.
  2. Grab the strap behind your back and attach it to the Velcro pad at the front.
  3. Repeat steps iii-v using the other shoulder strap.
  • Grab each shoulder strap, loosen and then pull until your shoulders are back and down and you are using correct posture.
  • tighten the straps to the belt, and
  1. Unfasten when a break is needed.

This process only takes a few seconds to complete once mastered, and when properly fitted, there should still be mobility in your shoulder and back but should feel a tug pulling your shoulders back because the action of this tug, which is suggestive in nature is what helps you re-learn good posture.


  • Small waist: 19″ – 26″
  • Medium waist: 27″ – 34″
  • Large waist: 35″ – 42″
  • X-Large waist: 43″ – 47″
  • 2X-Large waist: 48″ – 55″


The Posture Correx is a well-designed, high-quality product that is both comfortable and effective in correcting postural dysfunctions. The material used, which is lightweight is thin, cool, and easy to conceal.

A unique feature of the device is the design of its strapping system. Ordinarily, the traditional figure-eight style braces grab under the armpits, cutting off circulation and making wearers uncomfortable, but the Posture Correx is designed so that it does not dig into your armpits, but gently pulls the shoulders back and into place.

Overall, Posture Correx is an excellent product that is very functional. If you are looking for a quality product and can afford the price, this brace is worth giving a try.


Posture CorreX T106 by Xback

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