Posture perfect band – why it is classified as a figure-8 clavicle brace


There are quite a lot of different styles of posture supports to choose from these days, produced by an uncountable number of manufacturers, all over the world.

The Posture Perfect Band can be classified as a figure-8 clavicle brace due to the nature of its design. The support fits around your shoulders, attaching at the rear using a hook and eye fastening system.

The Posture Perfect Band is designed to pull the wearer’s shoulders back using a simple strap system, and adjustment is done using hooks and eyelets to give the required pressure on your shoulders.


  • Easy to wear posture support band.
  • Made from nylon polyester and spandex
  • Gently and comfortably pulls the shoulders back in order to prevent slouching.
  • Result in one using the right posture.
  • Proper posture improves circulation.
  • A new six-way hook and eye system that lets you adjust the size to custom fit your needs.
  • Totally undetectable under clothing.
  • Used by dancers and equestrians.
  • In high recommendation by chiropractors and physical therapists.
  • Washable
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Producer of the Posture Perfect Band

The Posture Perfect Band is manufactured by Underworks, a company that is based in Miami Florida and sells post-surgical garments for both sexes.

The Posture Perfect Band is one of three different posture products sold by the company which can be purchased directly from the company website or from Amazon.

Additionally, underworks sells a wide variety of compression fitted garments like girdles, shirts, bodysuits, vests, swimwear, briefs, and several other products.

Product Description

The Posture Perfect Band will gently and comfortably pull the shoulders back to prevent slouching giving you the correct posture.

Proper posture improves circulation in the body, making you feel good instantly. A six-way hook and eye system allow you to adjust the size to custom fit your needs.

The Posture Perfect Band is completely undetectable under clothing, highly recommended by chiropractors and physical therapists, and also washable and durable.

How the Device Works

The technology and mechanism behind the Posture Perfect as well as any other clavicle brace is a simple one. When properly fitted, the elastic nature of the support device helps to pull the shoulders back and down while still allowing a full range of motion.

The tension created serves as a steady reminder to maintain a good posture.

When it comes to the duration of wear, it is suggested that wearing such support braces for about an hour per day to help retrain your posture is ideal.

The benefits of this support can even be felt on the first day of use, however, a more lasting, long-term change in posture may take several weeks of usage to achieve.

As with any other support out there, correcting poor posture involves more than just wearing a support device. You have to become more aware of your posture and endeavor to maintain a right one regularly.

Perhaps the next most beneficial step that can be taken is to stretch and exercise your postural muscles on a regular basis. Exercise combined with short training sessions using the Posture Perfect Band will give you the most benefit while trying to correct your poor posture.

Important Information

The Underworks Posture Perfect Band is not suitable and rarely advised for any sort of injury support, as it does not have the design or technology to do so.

It’s important to remember to limit the amount of time that you wear the Posture Perfect Band or any such support, because prolonged long-term use may actually weaken the muscles that are associated with maintaining proper posture.

This occurs because these muscles are no longer being exercised and used, and as a result of not being used, they become lazy and dependent upon the support that has been provided by the brace. In other words, it means that if you don’t use your muscles, you will probably lose them.

Sizing and Color

The Posture Perfect comes in the color white and is one size fits most product.

This means that this product should fit you if you are of average size. The Posture Perfect is unisex, making it suitable for both men and women.

Pros and Cons


  • Fairly cheap to buy.
  • Easy to wear
  • Gently and comfortably
  • One size fits most
  • Washable
  • Durable


  • It can cut off circulation to your arms.
  • Some people said that it is uncomfortable to wear
  • Limited effectiveness.


As with all other posture supports, this product does have its own limitations and issues.

For example, in its sizing. It is difficult to imagine that such a style of brace would fit all sizes, and perhaps, is the reason the manufacturer advises that it is one size fits most and not all.

By design, the Posture Perfect appears to function just like any other figure-eight brace, and could, therefore, be a potential value leader in this classification of posture supports.

For those whose postural issues are mild in nature and are of average size, this product may be worth a try, especially if you are on a budget.

As with any product that’s designed to correct poor posture, it’s recommended that you also perform various exercises to help strengthen your overall posture.

Also, becoming more conscious of your posture while sitting or standing is vital to seeing results. Thus, the right support device, coupled with exercise and a better postural awareness are key components to improving your poor posture.


When choosing posture support, several factors such as effectiveness, comfort, ability to conceal, price and value should be considered.

While some may find this product to be lacking in the area of comfort and perhaps effectiveness, others will like its ability to be concealed, and the lower than average price which can provide value.

The Posture Perfect is a budget-friendly choice that may be worth a try, plus company policy allowed it that you could always return it.


Posture perfect band

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