Lumo Lift by Lumo Body Tech – a tiny posture coach and activity tracker that works with your smartphones


Lumo Lift is a tiny posture coach and activity tracker that works with smartphones app to help you sit straighter, stand taller, and look better.

The Lumo Lift is a pebble-shaped device worn discretely under clothing and addresses your posture metrics.

The Lumo lift is made up of, the tracker and a small, square magnetic plate. The tracker houses the internal components, and the plate holds the Lift in place on one’s clothes.

The entire tracker acts as a button that you can press when you need to program and use it.

Getting started

It’s an easy set-up; you enter your weight, height, name and email address into the app, then clip it to any area just under the collar bone –using one of the magnetic clasps to keep it there.

It rests against your upper torso, making use of hardware sensors and algorithms to measure your body’s alignment.

However, it’s up to you to tell the Lift what posture you want, because Every time you put it on, you calibrate it, telling it what posture you want to maintain.

Then the tracker keeps track of how often you stay in that posture and how often you deviate from it.

The lumo lift can also give you a simple vibration when you deviate from a correct posture position, reminding you to sit up straight.

You can agree with the Lift that walking down the street with your shoulders back and head up will make you feel more confident.

The different modes of the Lumo Lift (Align and coaching modes)

The Lumo Lift operates in two main functions that it uses to help retrain our posture: the “align” and the “coaching” modes:  the goal is making us more aware of our posture and to strengthen our postural muscles on regular basis.

Posture is a learned habit and can be modified if we change our behavior.

The align mode keeps a record of frequent posture throughout the day and rates it; while the “coaching sessions” track a wearer’s position and reminds them in the form of vibrations when slouched or deviated from the correct posture.

In-between the two main modes is a Posture alert mode (less aggressive and an alternative to coaching mode), the difference between the two modes being the response time of the sensor.

While the coaching mode sends out immediate reminder when bad posture is being used, the posture alert mode can allow you to specify a length of time between one and thirty minutes of poor posture before the alert goes on.

Note that you can always use the device in coaching mode without having to synchronize to a smartphone.

The Lumo Lift also includes a pedometer, which measures the distance in steps and miles a user walks, along with calories burned. It syncs this information with a smartphone app via Bluetooth to analyze the data.

Using the Lift

You need to calibrate the Lift each time you wear it. A double press of the button when in the preferred position, followed by buzzing three times, confirms that the device has been set.

The device recognizes and uses this position to measure how often you slip out of it.

Battery life

The battery of The Lumo Lift is a lithium polymer. It can last for five days, though it does depend on the mode you choose; more reminders (more vibrations) will give a shorter battery life.

This is crucial since one doesn’t have to be traveling with the recharging dock.

As with most wearable devices, you put it on to charge when the battery runs out and it takes only two hours to refuel.

Simply pop the tracker part of the Lift into the magnetic cradle, which is attached to a USB cable if you want to charge it.

The app

The app collates basic statistics on your activities, not including sleep. It can give set goals of good posture hours.  The app also records such parameters as steps, distance, and calories.

It does this using a mixture of the sensors onboard and calculations based on the details you enter for your profile, such as size, sex, age, and weight.

The app is quite basic. There are only a few displays that can show you your stats on a daily basis by swiping left or right.

It can also show you basic graphs labeled ‘Trends’ or text-based hour-by-hour reports, but there’s no analysis of either posture or your activities on board.

There’s 32MB onboard the Lumo Lift, and that’s enough to store up to four weeks’ worth of data if you don’t get around to synchronize it to your mobile phone app.

Weirdly the app’s background can change colors and pop up messages when mid-session.

Additional information

The lift’s Dimensions is 4.4 x 2.5 x 1.3 cm, and Weighs 14g.

A Lumo Lift dongle for your PC will cost you an additional $ or the two can be purchased together as one package. The lumo lite comes with a 31-day money-back guarantee and 366-day warranty.


Correct posture is increasingly becoming a popular issue in our office-based world, and the Lift takes this awareness into effect by encouraging its wearer to take better care of their back.

The Lift is meant to be worn daily to track your posture and steps. You attach it to your clothing, finding the right spot based on your outfit, and get into the posture you want for that day.

Then press the device twice to calibrate it, and it goes into what Lumo calls the Align mode.

It is small and discreet. Plus its five-day battery life is just about enough to keep it relevant for office workers wanting to correct their day-to-day sitting position.

Although you do get a daily notification, and weekly email filled with statistics, the lumo lift is pretty light on the chasing and the haranguing.

And what Lumo Lift does do well is make you aware of your posture.

Lumo Lift is constantly risking being left on the bedroom floor attached to yesterday’s clothes, so try and avoid that.


Lumo Lift

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