The S3 Spinal Q Posture Brace Rehab Jacket by Alignmed – designed to provide scapular retraction to relieve pain


Poor posture is a serious problem that is affecting the lives of millions of people every day. It has become a modern-day health epidemic because we are increasingly spending more hours each day slumped on our office chairs or over hand-held electronic devices, computers, and in front of television screens.

It is estimated that between the 8-12 hours we spent each day in front of electronic devices, many of these hours are spent on a poor postural position.

The Device

The AlignMed S3 Spinal Q Posture Brace was designed to provide scapular retraction to improve postural alignment, enhance scapular function, and to relieve pain.

It is heavy duty and looks more like a sleeveless vest in nature. Made from 70% Polypropylene and 30% Elastane, it is both durable and stretchable.

Even though it is heavy-duty in appearance, it’s still fairly light in terms of actual weight, with the total weight of the x-large size being just under 16 ounces.

The posture jacket uniqueness is given by the two adjustable “Scapular Retractor Straps”, which are sewn into the front of the vest and stretch over each shoulder, crossing in the middle of the back and exiting through the front sides where they attach to a Velcro pad on the outside. The Velcro allows the user to adjust the level of tension on the shoulder straps.

The strap basically helps to hold the vest in place and provides lumbar support too.

Seven metallic hook and eye fasteners which are used to assist in joining the two ends together are integrated into the front opening of the vest.

How to Use S3 Spinal Q Posture Brace

The SpinalQ is to improve bad postural conditions or rehabilitating one from an injury or surgery. It is used to correct posture by retraining muscle memory.

The jacket can also be used as a rehabilitation device for the following medical issues:

  • rotator cuff
  • injuries
  • slap tears
  • osteoporosis
  • spine conditions such as vertebral fracture recovery and
  • Back pain.

The manufacturer suggests the following guidelines to wearing the vest:

  • Wear thirty minutes to an hour for the first day
  • Wear for 1 hour during week 1
  • Wear for 2 hours during week 2
  • Wear for 3 hours during week 3
  • Wear for 4 hours weeks 4 and beyond.

As with any other posture brace, one’s body can become dependent on the support that it provides if you wear it for a longer period than suggested. Over wearing the jacket can cause your core muscles to gradually weaken.

Remember to engage in various exercises regularly to help strengthen your muscles.

Available sizes

The manufacturer suggests using the following chart as a guideline when choosing your size:

Size Model number Height in inches Weight in Lbs
XX-Small Pediatric L0456-XXS 4’10 90
X-Small L0456-XS 5’3 120
Small L0456-S 5’5 140
Medium L0456-M 5’8 160
Large L0456-L 5’10 180
X-Large L0456-XL 5’10 210
XX-Large L0456-2XL 6’0 240
XXX-Large L0456-3XL 6’2 260

Pros and cons


  • Made from durable materials and well crafted, thus reflecting high quality.
  • Superior “Scapular Retractor Straps” design gently tug your shoulders back without irritating your armpits
  • Comfortable: While tight-fitting, it’s quite comfortable, making it easy to wear.
  • Adjustable shoulder and back straps allow you to control the tension.
  • Versatile and multipurpose: Not only for correcting bad posture, but it can also be used to treat various medical conditions.
  • Allows full range of motion in the shoulders.
  • It allows for easy concealment underneath one’s clothing.
  • It’s effective! It can also assist in stomach slimming.


  • Expensive: the product is quite expensive compared to others in the market.

Concluding Thoughts

The AlignMed S3 Spinal Q Posture Brace provides just the right amount of support while not restricting your ability to move around.

The shoulder strap holds the shoulders back and does not irritate the armpits, unlike some other clavicle braces. Also, because of the sleeveless nature of the jacket, the full range of motion in my shoulders is allowed.

Overall, the S3 SpinalQ scored high in such areas as quality, comfort, performance, and concealment, the high price is the only noticed obstacle for those without good health insurance coverage.

It’s intended to be used for only 4-6 weeks and should be worn for up to four hours per day.


S3 Spinal Q

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